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隶属天美控股下的四大区域分公司  六个生产制造、设计和研发基地

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Jingyi introduction
                 Beijing Jingyi gaoke instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of thermal analyzer, physical optical instrument and product analysis scheme of integrated service providers, companies and scientific research, production, sales and service in one of professional testing equipment manufacturing services. Our products cover the fields of energy, chemical, transportation, metallurgy, aviation, universities and research institutes, and have received extensive recognition and praise from customers.
                 Since its establishment, the independent research and development of products with a number of research institutes and enterprises to cooperate, according to different industries, different needs, to provide a better analysis program. The company has always been adhering to the "first-class quality, first-class service" business philosophy, relying on advanced technology, rich products and a full range of services, dedicated to analysis the different needs of users to provide a full range of services and reliable, economic, cost-effective products. Sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand to create a better future!
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  • Address:No. 27, Hai Lu, Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone
  • Tel: 010-86227741/ 010-60557568
  • Fax: 010-60557569
  • E-mail:gokyq@126.com
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